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Deadly Pursuits

Elise Fitzgerald, a ruthless CEO, knows heartbreak, and it's why she's sworn off men and love forever.

Or has she?

Enter Charlton Brooks: a handsome and very successful businessman. His deep English accent–scorching blue eyes, and charismatic personality captures Elise's attention.

But Charlton also has a dark side.

Lust, betrayal, lies and deception have Charlton and Elise facing many hurdles.

Will they overcome them or will it become too much for either of them to handle?


The Beginning: Em's Secret (Book One)

Two people brought together by a secret. Will it bring them closer together or tear them apart?

Rick Marshall

I once believed the path ahead was the right course.
My business is thriving. I have best mates, I can count on, and women who love to play without reservations.
Five weeks ago, when I walked into Milly’s, I was on a mission to protect Emily Moore from a common enemy. Never did I think she would shake my life to its foundations.

Emily Moore

A seven year old secret, which I will take to my grave, came so close to being blown when my ex-boyfriend abused me for information, making me promise to never let another man into my life.
Until I met Rick. His cocky and confident attitude could be seen a mile away but what had my pulse thrashing against my chest, was his sexy, windblown, dark brown hair, and his heart-stopping, glacier blue eyes.
When I look back at our time together, it was our little holiday in the Caribbean where I fell in love with his soft heart and sense of humor. But our happiness was short lived, as more secrets cause problems between us. If only I had listened to myself in the first place.

Em’s Secret series spans over three books. An adaption of a fictional story written by Emily Foxx. She originally wrote the plot with her husband Rick Foxx back in 2015 on Twitter and in a blog.

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A continuation of Rick and Emily's love story.

You weren’t just a woman I wanted to protect. You’re the one I want in my life, forever.


Emily’s in danger. But until now, she's remained safe. I've gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure she stays that way.
Now she’s in New York. The moment I saw her in the flesh, I didn't think she could be more beautiful. It took every bit of my control to stop me from grabbing her face and crushing my lips down on hers.
But with the news I have to deliver, she may lose trust in me. However, I would rather her hate me than find her six feet under.


When I laid my eyes on Rick again, all the same hot sensations were there. Leaving my heart in tatters because I knew no matter how I play it down, I still love him. But that was the least of my worries.
He left me devastated with his news.
However, danger lurks in the shadows and the people who I thought I trusted strike a blow to my heart.

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The emotional and romantic conclusion of Em’s Secret…


Everything changed when Jay revealed a life-altering event that will affect both me and Emily forever. I knew from this moment I had to deal with my painful past. Secrets I buried for so long, never did I think they would resurface again. But I need to do this for Emily and our future. I just hope I find the light at the end of this dark tunnel and Emily will be there waiting for me.


I struggled when Rick left me at the hospital, but I understood him better than anyone else. After hearing startling news from the doctor, I knew some serious changes needed to be made. I just didn’t know how I was going to cope without Rick, but when I learned he was seeking help, I knew there was still hope for our relationship.
My problems with Scott aren’t over… His lawyer requested Pamela’s case to be reopened, and even though I had already committed to confess what happened the night of the accident. It unearths truths I never saw coming…

Will Emily and Rick get their happily ever after?

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Crystal's Birthday Surprise

A pop-star by day and at night Crystal Roberts is a submissive/baby girl to Daddy Dominant, Derek Johnson. They have been together for four years.
For the past two months, Daddy Derek has been on edge due to Crystal's stalker, a man named Aaron Michaels. Crystals' disobedience of late has not helped him.
Daddy Derek’s birthday is coming up, and Crystal wants to give a surprise he will never forget, but along the way, things start to go wrong. Will her surprise go ahead?

***Note, this DD/bg relationship is consensual. It does contain BDSM scenes***