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The Beginning
Em's Secret
Book One

Blurb ...

Two people brought together by a secret. Will it bring them closer together or tear them apart?

Rick Marshall


I once believed the path ahead was the right course.

My business is thriving. I have best mates, I can count on, and women who love to play without reservations.

Five weeks ago, when I walked into Milly’s, I was on a mission to protect Emily Moore from a common enemy. Never did I think she would shake my life to its foundations.

Emily Moore

A seven year old secret, which I will take to my grave, came so close to being blown when my ex-boyfriend abused me for information, making me promise to never let another man into my life.

Until I met Rick. His cocky and confident attitude could be seen a mile away but what had my pulse thrashing against my chest, was his sexy, windblown, dark brown hair, and his heart-stopping, glacier blue eyes.

When I look back at our time together, it was our little holiday in the Caribbean where I fell in love with his soft heart and sense of humor. But our happiness was short lived, as more secrets cause problems between us. If only I had listened to myself in the first place.

Em’s Secret series spans over three books. An adaption of a fictional story written by Emily Foxx. She originally wrote the plot with her husband Rick Foxx back in 2015 on Twitter and in a blog.

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