I love to tell spicy romance stories with a twist of suspense and drama. I'm an Australian author who spent my youth travelling between Queensland and New South Wales with my family. I currently reside on the Central Coast, North of Sydney with my husband, and three teenage children. See below a photo of us both.

To tell you a bit more about myself.

I love the great outdoors, and reading. My passion for writing came about six years ago when two lovely women asked me to join a role play group, and it encouraged me to involve my husband.

My author's name was chosen from one of the two lead characters from Em's Secret series.

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The complete series of Em's Secret.

Three full-length novels. The Beginning: Em's Secret (Book One), The Promise (Book Two), and The Vow (Book Three) all in one boxset.

Two people brought together by a secret. Will it bring them closer together or tear them apart?


Sometimes life is like a vine of a tree. It’s intended course, good or bad can either—

Enrich or Break you.

It can make its way deep within the roots of your psyche, where no one else can reach you, only you can battle the demon within you.

Then there’s a moment where you meet someone whose past collides with your own, then you realized, you’re not alone.

I never intended to hurt Emily—I never intended to fall in love.

But all I do is keep pushing her further away.

I will find a way back to her, once and for all.




wo people brought together by a secret. Will it bring them closer together or tear them apart?

Here is a teaser!

Tonight did start off a little fiery. With Rick’s eyes now raised back to mine, a shiver runs through me seeing the warmth in his blue glaciers again. He leans forward, bringing his other hand up to one side of my face, caressing my cheek with his palm. His hand slides down my face, and he ends with his fingers underneath my chin. His sole focus is on my lips, and it’s like he’s reading my thoughts before they shift back up to my eyes.

“You’re a rare beauty, Em. You should be well looked after, and treated the way you deserve. I don’t believe I’m that man, but I’m known to be selfish when I want something, so badly.

I want to spend time with you enjoying the meal.” My eyes soften at his words. How can I not accept what he just said?



The continuation of Rick and Emily's love story. 

Here is a teaser:

“Emily, yes, you are right. Please believe me, I wanted to wait for the right time to tell you the truth, but all this changed when we went to the Caribbean.

You weren’t just a woman I wanted to protect. You’re the one I want in my life, forever.

His words leave me breathless once more.

“I want to believe you, Rick. You just need to give me time.” But I don’t see us ever being together again.



The emotional and romantic conclusion to Em's Secret is almost here.

Here is a teaser...

Knock… Knock…

I snap my head toward my front door.

“Dad, I have to go. Yes, I will think about it. I love you. I will ring you next week.”

I make my way to the front door with my heart whacking against my chest. Why didn’t the person use the intercom? I’m not expecting anyone tonight. I know Liz is away with Jay in Los Angeles for the week and wonder who it could be.

Opening the door, no one is standing there. I immediately look down and there’s a beautiful boutique of lavender flowers in a white box on my doormat. My heart is now in my throat— I look quick to right, down the hallway to see who delivered the flowers but I’m too slow as the elevator doors shut.

I breathe Rick’s name. I wonder if it’s him who delivered the flowers. I shake my head, no I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

I quickly place the box of flowers on the coffee table in front of me. I’m sitting on the couch with anticipation tingling all over me as I pull out the envelope. My stomach does flips when it's revealed Rick sent me the flowers as the card has the similar writing from when he sent me gifts before.

Dearest Angelface, you’re probably wondering why I sent these flowers. I want you to know there is not a day where I haven’t thought of you. I have learned through Jay, you are pregnant—my breath hitches—he only let it slip because he thought your father had already told me. I want you to know, I want to be there for you and the baby.

I am working toward getting help for myself. I want to do this for you and the baby.

Tears glisten in my eyes. I can’t believe I am reading this—Rick is finally seeking help. Now I’m excited at what else he wants to share with me, moving down to the next paragraph, quickly.

Emily, I am going to contact your father this weekend to apologize for not contacting him. And to be honest, before Jay told me the news I was not ready to face my demons—I nod, understanding him—but knowing I am going to be a father, you and the baby need me, even if it is just in a support role. I will take what I can get. I’ll be in touch soon.

Love you always Angelface.

Yours, Rick. XO.


Deadly Pursuits

Elise Fitzgerald, a ruthless CEO, knows heartbreak, and it's why she's sworn off men and love forever.

Or has she?

Enter Charlton Brooks: a handsome and very successful businessman. His deep English accent–scorching blue eyes, and charismatic personality captures Elise's attention.

But Charlton also has a dark side.

Lust, betrayal, lies and deception have Charlton and Elise facing many hurdles.

Will they overcome them or will it become too much for either of them to handle?

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