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Never Too Late
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 Unveil the Intrigue: Suspense Romance Novels by Emily Foxx
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Never too old to find love… A Second Chance Love Story. When Detective Constable Frank Sullivan asked for my help on a cold case in the small seaside town of Whitby, North Yorkshire, in England, memories of Sarah Reilly resurfaced. A woman I haven’t laid eyes on in twenty years. There’s almost a presence about her; a tangible sweet scent shrouding me. I can’t explain why it happens. I shake my head. Bullshit! You know why, Trent; I berate myself. I caused the regret that has been weighing heavily on my conscience for the past twenty years. I never said goodbye to Sarah. All I thought about was getting back on a plane to get to my sick mother. In conclusion; I ended up losing two of the most important women in my life. Never did I believe I would meet her once again. Never Too Late takes you behind the scenes with Detective Trent Reid helping Detective Constable Frank Sullivan solve a case in Em’s Secret: The Vow (Book Three) Book is a standalone, and does contain Adult and explicit themes.

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